Not What She Seems – Victorine Lieske


Victorine truly has a victory with this sweet romance/suspense story!

It started off really well and grabbed my attention right away; at times it was difficult to put down and I nearly missed my stop a couple of times on the way to work. (This would have definitely been no bueno because I am not a morning person and having to do any extra walking in the morning is not my idea of fun!)

The story is easy to follow, but there are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. At the end, it’s obvious what is really going on and, like any movie where the audience is supposed to figure it our before the main characters, you want to shake them and tell them what’s happening!

The ending was very nicely done and didn’t leave you wondering what happened to this or that character. Except, well, I wish it would have maybe been a tad bit longer just so that we could see how the wedding went.


I noticed some minor grammatical errors and formatting issues. Though, I feel that neither of these took away from the overall enjoyment of Emily and Steven’s story. I have a feeling that the formatting issues are mainly due the literal format of the Kindle itself.

Character Development:

The characters were very well-developed, likeable and definitely relatable. They all seem like people I have known throughout my life. (Well, I haven’t known that many billionaires, but I can at least say I’ve known some decent folks like Steven.)

Emily is a beautiful, sincere woman and has done everything she could to keep her son safe. Richard also has moments of likeability and even seems to care a great deal for Emily. I also loved Rose’s attempts at match-making and her love for her stubborn husband is sweet; as is his mother’s interest in his love life and general happiness.

Writing Style:

I did have some issues with the lengths of the sentences. I understand that a short, choppy sentence is necessary and, at times, truly helps emphasize the urgency of certain aspects of the characters’ situations and story. But, I felt that there were many occasions when the sentences could have been combined for a much smoother reading experience.

Also, there were a few instances when it seemed as if the narrative leaned more towards a running inner-monologue. I thought that the differences in Steven’s outlook on the situation and Emily’s take on the same situation were executed wonderfully. I just felt, at times, that it was difficult to understand whose perception we were reading.


I did not notice any issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 4+

Overall, I loved the story of two people running from either their past or daily life, only to have both of their lives coming screeching to the forefront of everyone’s life. I would give this book a solid 4.5 star rating and recommend it to anyone. I know exactly was Victorine meant by a “sweet romance” and hope that this genre really takes off!


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