Demonspawn – Glenn Bullion

Storyline: Glenn-tastic? Glen-tactular? Splen-Glenn-did? Ok, I tried to come up with a play on Glenn Bullion’s name, but I just couldn’t. But, that doesn’t mean that Demonspawn was any less amazing!

Alex Teague is a sweet guy, a little on the shy side and definitely lacking in self-confidence. What Alex doesn’t know is that he has a lot more to offer the world than just his inability to dance. Alex is going through some changes and isn’t quite sure how to handle them. Luckily, he has his best friend Cindy and his sister Alicia to help him adjust. Now, if only he could adjust as easily to the feelings he has for Cindy.

Demonspawn is an easy and delightful read that could just as easily translate into a movie that I would be more than happy to stand in line for, pay outrageous amounts for popcorn, candy and sodas and even deal with the annoying crowds to see.

Grammar/Spelling: There were some minor grammatical errors throughout the story. I would suggest another read through by a beta. I noticed some issues when reading through some of the dialogue as it was a bit choppy and used a bit too much vernacular for my tastes when, for example, saying “I got that” instead of “I have that”. Also, there were a few instances of incorrect versions of words used such as “baron” versus “barren.” Honestly, these are just fine tuning things and in no way detract from the story.

Character Development: Mr. Bullion’s story follows the main characters from their formative years up through early adulthood helping the reader truly become attached to Alex, his sister and best friend Cindy. The sibling relationship is very believable and understandable. Alex is always on the look out for his little sister and in turn, she’s also looking out for his best interests. Especially those relating to matters of the heart.

Since the main character is…ahem…different than most (if not all) people, it would almost be difficult to really relate to Alex, but surprisingly, it’s not. Alex is truly a stand up guy and his journey to self-discovery is both entertaining and thoughtful. Like most young people, even with his life being full of the paranormal and occult, his main concern is his more-than-just-friends feelings he’s developed for Cindy. What should a part demon, total sweetheart kind of guy do?!

Writing Style: I don’t know if it’s because of my own personal experiences with the supernatural (cue creepy music, please) or it’s due to Mr. Bullion’s ability to create a creepy mood, get your heart rate up and make you lean forward, anticipating the next moment, but the story has some absolutely scary and terrifying parts in it. His descriptions of the demonic world are fantastically horrific. I’m not one who scares easily, but even some of MY neck hairs stood on end at times.

There were some pretty detailed graphic scenes, adult language and occasional adult situations. So, it’s not for the faint of heart or very young readers.

Continuity:  As to be expected with great writing, I noticed no issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 4

Demonspawn by Glenn Bullion is just plain great. But, not plain. Just great. I really enjoyed the ease and flow of the story from start to finish. I would encourage everyone who has ever been in love with their best friend and never realized it to read this. Also, anyone who has ever had to deal with their demonic powers should give this a read over as well. Great job, Glenn! I hope you put out more books soon!


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