The Crown Conspiracy – Michael Sullivan

Storyline: What a crowning achievement Michael J. Sullivan has created with The Crown Conspiracy. Michael J. Sullivan definitely has a conspiracy of greatness with The Crown Conspiracy. (I couldn’t decide which pun to go with… You may choose which one you like the best and go with it. I will allow this.)

Two thieves hired to steal a sword end up accused of murder in the highest order: regicide. Royce and Hadrian are caught up in a deep and terrible conspiracy that will set their kingdom on its ear and only their specific set of skills can help stop the treachery and save the would-be king, Aleric, from the conspiracy set against him.

Grammar/Spelling: I did not notice any issues with grammar or spelling.

Character Development: The characters were fairly well developed. Hadrian being the most interesting of all – has he always been a mercenary or is there more to his story? Mr. Sullivan sets up The Crown Conspiracy to be the first in a series of six novels and I can only imagine that as the reader gets more involved with the storyline, more of the mysterious Hadrian’s character will come to light.

Writing Style: This fantasy story is unique in that it doesn’t heavily rely on the typical aspects of fantasy epics. The Crown Conspiracy does have elements of magic, wizards and elves, but these are only minor facets to the overall mystery of the story. Mr. Sullivan’s fantasy realm is well thought out with a very believable history and play between the various kingdoms and characters. There was enough back story to help move the story along without bogging the reader down with too many details.

Continuity:  No issues with the continuity of the story.

Overall Rating: 3+

The Crown Conspiracy is a quick read with an intricate storyline that is as old as time: for some, power is an all consuming and dangerous desire. Michael J. Sullivan has done a wonderful job of weaving a fantasy tale that takes two anti-heroes and, in the end, forces them to become heroes.

Again, I anticipate that more of the Hadrian’s story will come to light as the remaining tales are read and I look forward to learning just how far the conspiracy goes.


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