Travels in Ghana – Marie McCarthy

Storyline: Travels in Ghana by Marie McCarthy gave me the Wandering Woes. *le sigh* Ms. McCarthy’s travelogue of her recent experiences in Ghana is informative as well as entertaining. Travels in Ghana takes us on the 15 day (or thereabouts) trip from one end of the West African country to the other.

Grammar/Spelling: I didn’t notice too much in the way of spelling or grammar issues.

Character Development: Ms. McCarthy provides quite a bit of insight into the Ghana lifestyle and the people’s outlook on life. Everyone she met was kind, helpful and willing to share part of their world with her.

Her guide, Stanley, was very capable and really looked out for her throughout the trip. He suggested various areas for her to visit and deftly steered her away from ideas that might not have been such a great idea for her. I’d trust Stanley to guide me on my Ghana adventures!

Writing Style: The writing style was a little informal for me personally. My suggestion would be that if it’s a travelogue written in such a personal manner, it would be better received as a true-to-form journal, complete with date/time entries. Though, if Ms. McCarthy stays with the current approach, she might consider formalizing the language a bit more.

It seemed to be mildly repetitive at times as she mentioned several times that she didn’t particularly like fish. Also, the ending when she was breaking down the cost of a personal driver/car versus public transportation was a bit repetitive. Ms. McCarthy might want to read over that section again and see about streamlining the information.

Continuity:  As this was a timeline based travelogue, if there were issues with continuity, I’d have been very sad. As luck (or talent on Ms. McCarthy’s part) would have it, there were none! Yay!

Overall Rating: 3+

Travels in Ghana by Marie McCarthy was a fun trip into the jungles of a little nation in West Africa. I learned quite a lot and when I can convince myself that it’d be FUN to be without my (required!) flat iron and A.C., I will use her book as another resource in choosing my itinerary.

I was truly impressed with the kindness and welcome that she received from the local people and how beautiful and rich in culture such a small nation can be! I have to say that my favorite part included some fermented palm wine and drunk bees.

I’d recommend this to anyone who has the ability to travel or even someone who wants an escape from their day to day.


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