Union of Renegades – Tracey Falbe

Storyline: Union of Renegades by Tracey Falbe is an epic fantasy of ancient empires clashing with new and the desire to discover new worlds and overcome the past.

Dreibrand is an officer in the elite military of the Atrophane army. He is trying to overcome his family’s fall from grace and make a new name for himself by forging into the vast Wilderness. His dreams are shattered by his general’s decision to send him back to Atrophane with their winnings and chattel. Dreibrand decides to take control of his own destiny and plunges into the Wilderness alone.

Meanwhile Miranda, a beautiful slave, decides that running into the Wilderness and facing the unknown spooks, ghosts and beasts is a far better fate than dying under the invading army’s attack or continuing to be brutalized by her master. She makes a daring escape with her two children in tow. In the woods, Miranda and Dreibrand are thrown together – each relying on the other to make it through the wilds only to find a much greater danger unknown to the rest of the world awaits them on the other side.

Can Miranda and Driebrand work together to survive the Wilderness? Will they be able to overcome the evil sorceress before she destroys their homelands and makes all of mankind kneel before her?

Grammar/Spelling: There were some minor spelling/grammatical issues. A thorough read through by a beta reader would probably take care of these issues.

Character Development: Shan, the Rys sorcerer, is a creature with great power and must learn to control himself and do the right thing. He fights against the age old adage “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. As much as Shan believes that he is strong enough to fight the evil Rys, Onja, he still struggles with the doubts and disbelief of his own supporters.

Writing Style: Ms. Falbe has done a remarkable job creating a brand new world and a race of creatures that would transfer very well to the big screen. (Still unsure if that’s an insult to writers every where… I mean it only in the most positive light!) The details that she includes and depths that she is able to plumb are impressive. At times, I did feel as if the book slowed down to a crawl. If she were to shorten the book, maybe thin it out a bit, the storyline would move a bit faster.

Continuity:  No issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 3+

Union of Renegades by Tracey Falbe has a little bit of everything for just about everyone. Romance, adventure, magic, action! It’s all there and more in this tale of a new world fighting against an ancient regime of evil. For language, some adult situations and violence, I wouldn’t recommend this book to younger viewers.


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