We Interrupt This Date – L.C. Evans

Storyline: We Interrupt This Date written by L.C. Evans is a thoroughly and wholly accurate depiction of all of the things that are great and terrible about a family. Especially a southern family.

Susan is a well-mannered, freshly divorced southern woman with a well-meaning and overbearing mother who is constantly meddling in her life and an utterly spoiled and self-centered younger sister. Not to mention, Susan also hates her job and her terrible boss. She is also a recent “empty nester” with her son off at college in Virginia.

Susan is now at a cross-road: she feels trapped by her job, by her family and by her own divorce. She must make some changes or she will surely lose her what’s left of her sanity. And when an old friend moves back to town, things really start to heat up. Whatever shall a delicate, southern belle do?!

We Interrupt This Date is a quick, easy and light-hearted read with frustrating to the point of endearing friends and family that anyone should be able to easily relate to.

Grammar/Spelling: I noticed some minor typos sprinkled throughout the book. A once over with spell-check or another beta reader would take of those issues.

Character Development: I’m from the south myself and Ms. Evans really nailed down the typical genteel southern lady with Susan’s mother, Ms. Caraway. She is perpetually meddling in only the way that a mother can and to top it off, she’s retired leaving her plenty of time to “help” Susan out in ways that she couldn’t possibly appreciate. I have a grandmother who is very nearly Ms. Caraway in the flesh. She means well, but goodness! Things can’t possibly be that awful all of the time!

Writing Style: Ms. Evans’ style is simple and flows nicely. Somehow, even with all of the chattering of an intrusive mother at the very beginning, she pulls the reader in during the first few pages and keeps them hooked until the end.

Continuity:  I noticed no issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 4

I really enjoyed We Interrupt This Date and look forward to more well-written books from Ms. Evans. She whipped up a sweet romance, folded in some family insanity and served it up in a hilarious novel. I would recommend this to just about anyone as this is a light hearted story without any heavy language or adult situations.


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