Wrecker – Dave Conifer

Storyline: I feel like I hide behind my puns and so I’m not going to use one with Dave Conifer’s Wrecker. It doesn’t need one. So there. (Of course, I couldn’t think of one, but that’s not the point.) What the book needs is…well…nothing. It’s pretty damned good, if I do say so myself.

Jane and Steve are trapped in a bland, loveless marriage. She’s a nurse and he’s a computer programmer. Together, they have an average life, a decent home and a 4 year old daughter, Allie, and…a whole lotta nothing else.

After lucking out and finding a contractor, the mountain sized and simple Rob Manteo, at unbelievably low prices, Steve thinks he’s found a golden goose that he can use to remodel nearly his entire house. Jane isn’t so sure that he’s as simple as he appears and she decides to find out what it is he’s hiding.

Some things were never meant to come to light…

Grammar/Spelling: The only issues that I noticed were some odd punctuation problems – quotation marks – that a good read through by a beta reader would fix.

Character Development: All of Mr. Conifer’s characters were very well developed – some genuinely good folks and one genuinely irritating man *cough, Steve, cough, cough* – and I never felt as if I didn’t know what they were thinking or how they felt.

Character rant (ye be warned): Gah… I just wanted to punch Steve in the face. Mr. Conifer perfectly paints his character as the self-absorbed schmuck that everyone knows. He has a beautiful wife, a darling daughter and a great job with wonderful coworkers and friends; he takes everything for granted and treats everyone around him as if they don’t really matter to him. I usually reserve heckling for TV and movie characters, but I couldn’t help think some rather unpleasant things about good ol’ Steve.

Writing Style: The pacing was phenomenal; the mystery was revealed a piece at a time, but not at such an excruciatingly slow pace so as to leave the reader bored or too anxious about what was coming next. Granted, there were a few times when I did feel anxious, but that was because I was supposed to feel it due to the situation at the time. A delicate line to walk, Mr. Conifer, and you stayed on it straight and true.

Continuity:  No issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 4

David Conifer’s Wrecker is a well-written mystery with some great action and a few twists and turns. Who would have thought that one lie could spell disaster for so many people? I expect more great things from Mr. Conifer in the future! Thanks for allowing me to review it, good sir!


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