ZombieStop Parade – Richard Buzzell

Storyline: Richard Buzzell certainly has the buzz about the current financial fiasco situation well in hand in his part novel/part memoir ZombieStop Parade.

ZombieStop Parade tells the story of Corky and ZombieStopperUno’s friendship. Their creation of a website and the start of a social movement that questions economic and financial responsibilities of those in power.

Grammar/Spelling: No issues with spelling or punctuation.

Character Development: The characters are “developed” through the insight of ZombieStopperUno. Since the story is a very narrow first person narrative, the reader can only glean a limited understanding of each major player in his life. He is the go-between for Corky and the rest of the world and is absolutely comfortable with this. Until, through the combination of his badgering on again/off again girlfriend and a wily FBI agent, he starts to question Corky’s true ambition and goals for the ZombieStop movement.

Writing Style: The writing style was simple and shared quite a lot of different philosophies regarding the corporate world. Every outside person voicing an opinion about ZombieStop’s motives was given an amusing moniker that helps the reader easily identify who the real world influences were for each character.

The book contains adult language.

Continuity:  No issues with continuity given that the book is more of a journal than a traditional story.

Overall Rating: 3

I would recommend this to anyone who is frustrated by the economic downturn and who hopes that someone out there can and does feel their same pain. The book makes the reader think and wonder if you’re a “zombie” and encourages the reader to question whether or not they could ever leave the “zombie” way of thinking behind.


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