Submission Guidelines

Rules To Live By

1. Book submissions must be in .PDF format only.

2. You must also provide me an image of your book cover because you don’t want Miss Crappy Cropper here whittling down your image I grab from Amazon or Barnes n Noble for your review. Besides, you guys have worked very hard on your respective book covers and I’m sure you want to show them off as much as possible!

3. This is the kicker: you must fill out a Character Interview (You can find the interview questions here. ) and submit it along with your book. These character interviews have been received quite well and I will feature these along with my reviews. This is important, y’all! So, be nice and play with me!

4. Finally: all three of the items must be submitted in the same email. If your email lacks any of these elements, I will not review your book.

I know that last line might seem a bit harsh, but after my previous experiences with, I feel that these changes will make everything a lot more organized and flow quite a bit easier.

You may submit everything to:

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