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Crashed: A Junior Bender Mystery – Timothy Hallinan

Storyline: Timothy Hallinan has Crashed through any tired clichés about a burglar in L.A.  turned detective mystery.

Junior Bender is your average guy… Drives an average car. Is newly divorced. Has a 12 year old daughter. Lives in L.A. Oh and he’s a burglar – an above average, quite talented burglar actually.

Junior has been, ahem, “hired” to help figure out who is trying to sabotage a highly expensive, highly anticipated adult film starring the world’s best known former child television star.

Only after meeting 22 year old Thistle – the burned out, strung out and just barely coherent “star” – does his conscience really start to bother him. Though, what truly bothers him the most is the fact that it seems like no one cares about her and that someone is out murder her.

It’s a tough call for Junior: let the show go on or call the whole thing off and risk paying the ultimate price?

Grammar/Spelling: No issues with grammar or spelling.

Character Development: HA! Junior Bender is what I would be if I were going to be a burglar: talented, clever and witty. (Well, I’m all of those things now, but I’d know how to pick a lock or two as well!) Mr. Hallinan created a character that is both whip-smart and resourceful. Even though Junior’s “associates” are down at the bottom of the list of invites to a Sunday afternoon ice cream social, Junior still carries out the dirty work with a great mixture of class, charm and charisma.

Writing Style: The writing style is wonderfully descriptive and his attention to detail is incredible. It seems as if Mr. Hallinan either did a lot of research on the art of stealing art or that he’s harboring a secret… Care to share anything, Mr. Hallinan? I won’t tell!

The dialogue is realistic without being too clichéd. Even the bad (and seriously stupid), Hacker, was a perfect personification of everything you’d expect in a corrupt L.A. cop.

Best line in the story? This one right here: He was wearing black leather gloves as though to conceal the tiny biceps in his fingers.”  Where do you guys come UP with this stuff?!

Continuity:  No problems with continuity.

Overall Rating: 5+

I wish I could find a more unique way of saying this, but this book could easily translate into a movin’ picture! Up on the big screen in Technicolor (Do they still use that?), for all the world to see! I’ve already picked out the actor to play Junior Bender… let’s just say his name starts with “Ry-“and ends with “-an Reynolds.” Perfect!

I’d recommend this book to everyone (except maybe the younger audiences because of the adult language, violence and drug usage) who likes to enjoy what they’re reading. I mean, if you don’t like reading great work, then I wouldn’t recommend this you because you’ll be sorely disappointed with how great Crashed: A Junior Bender Mystery by Timothy Hallinan truly is.  


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