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The Gate: 13 Dark and Odd Tales – Short Stories Collected by Robert J. Duperre

Storyline: The Gate: 13 Dark and Odd Tales is quite the wonderful and twisted anthology with contributions from the Davids Dalglish and McAfee, Mercedes M. Yardley and Daniel Pyle compiled by Robert J. Duperre.

A reluctant protector of the world. A girl who takes away your sorrows. A serial killer. A young girl enacts revenge on some neighborhood boys. Three astronauts fight for survival.

Each story is a dark, twisted and, at times, amusing tale that explores the many sides of fear that the human mind can manifest. Even introducing some that you weren’t even aware of!

Grammar/Spelling: No issues with spelling, grammar or formatting.

Character Development: Given the nature of the book, character development wasn’t a main focus. Though, I dare say it happened quite well with each story!

I loved Kitty in the Cellar, a story about a little girl who got even with the brothers who ruined her pretty dress is creepy scary and the ending is quite the shocker.

Writing Style: Each author contributed their own style to the collection and some are gorier than others, while others are definitely more twisted. I enjoyed each author’s style and really look forward to ALL of them submitting works for me to review! (And for those that I’ve ALREADY reviewed…well…I’m WAITING for more!)

As with most horror, some of the stories are quite violent, bloody and graphic. So, I wouldn’t recommend this as a bedtime story…unless your child is someone Alice Cooper or Stephen King.

Continuity:  No issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 4+

Each story is a nugget of mystery, wrapped in a short story of horror and nestled in a box of well written entertainment. I highly recommend The Gate: 13 Dark and Odd Tales an anthology of short stories compiled by Robert J. Duperre to anyone who enjoyed the Books of Blood series by Clive Barker and anyone who doesn’t mind getting spooked even though it’s not Halloween!


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