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Dating My Vibrator – Suzanne Tyrpak

Storyline: Dating My Vibrator by Suzanne Tyrpak is just plain good. I absolutely relate. Some of the dates I’ve had…wow. It’s like Ms. Tyrpak was in my head (with a much better editor, of course)!

The book is a collection of short stories that semi-chronicles her dating life (or lack-thereof) after her divorce. Ms. Tyrpak even included the dreaded “this is why the marriage failed” conversation. Fantastic. (In a horribly accurate kind of way.) How many of us have had that same conversation with a ridiculous ex? Spot on.

Grammar/Spelling: I didn’t notice any grammar or spellings errors.

Character Development: Each of the guys in Dating My Vibrator embodies the fools that exist in the dating world. It truly is a wonder we ever actually meet The One.

Suzanne introduces the reader to Jon, who is “committed to the arts” and apparently committed to saturated fats as well. He seems like a perfect match: enjoys writing, travel, is intelligent and articulate. They exchange samples of their written work, Suzanne dutifully reads his. He merely “looks over” hers. Hilarity ensues. Ahhh… A true gentlemen.

Of course, her aide d’amour is featured quite prominently in one of the stories. Suzanne breaks down the pros and cons of having a boyfriend versus having just a battery operated boyfriend. The very same pros and cons that nearly every gal has mentally gone over when she’s sitting across from a real charmer who is more interested in her mid-latitudes than a having an actual conversation.

Writing Style: The style is very fluid and entertaining. With each short story dedicated to a either a bad dating experience or a post-divorce moment of clarity, it is definitely engaging and very difficult to put down.

Continuity:  No issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 4+

Continuance: did they start out in a green truck and arrive in a blue car?

Overall Rating: I truly enjoyed Ms. Tyrpak’s collection of short stories, Dating My Vibrator. It was honest, humorous and even cathartic to some extent. I would recommend this to anyone who is having a tough time with their divorce or their dating life. This will make an excellent gift for some of my newly single friends!


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