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Duality – J.M. Pierce

Storyline: Duality written by J.M. Pierce addresses the eternal struggle of man’s faith in a higher power; a modern day story of Job, if you will.

Kurt is a very bitter man and he’s lost. He has tried to be a good man by praying and going to church as often as possible. But after burying his wife and then his eldest daughter and losing his job all in a very short span of time, he first questions and then loses his faith.

Eventually this all comes to a head when he ends up killing a man. As he’s trying to escape, Kurt is hit by a car and killed. But… his troubles are not over just yet.  Kurt now has a new job as the devil’s newest demon, Gavril, and he must accept his fate as a servant of Satan. His first task is to harvest his own son’s soul and bring him back to hell with the rest of the damned.

Can Kurt overcome his dark anger in time to prevent his son from making the ultimate mistake? Will Kurt regain his faith in God? Only God Himself knows…

Grammar/Spelling: I only noted one problem with Duality: a double period at the end of a sentence on page 82 (in my PDF version). Other than that, it was perfect.

Character Development: Duality features a simple man, Kurt, who doesn’t realize all of the good things he has in life. He thinks of himself as a good Christian, goes to church frequently and prays often. The reader is able to follow Kurt from the beginnings of his trials and tribulations to the very edge of madness when he must make the ultimate decision regarding his faith in God.

Writing Style: The story was written as a series of flashbacks throughout his current situation as a demon in order to highlight Kurt’s struggles with his inner demons. This definitely kept the plot moving along at nice pace. Mr. Pierce’s descriptions of hell and of the devil are very realistic and quite frightening.

Continuity:  No issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 4-

This was an interesting story of one man’s journey from faith to hell and back. I could very nearly feel Kurt’s pain and resentment at the world around him for all of the terrible things that befell him. This would be an excellent story for someone who has lost a loved one and can’t seem to find the light again. I believe that his might help show that there is always a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and to make life as great as you can possibly make it.


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