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Hard Day’s Knight, Vol. 1 – John Hartness

Storyline: Beatles’ fans can relax! No groupies were harmed in the reading of this book! Hard Day’s Knight Vol 1 written by John Hartness is a surprisingly refreshing take on the sudden interest in all things fang and blood sucking related.

Jimmy and his best friend, Greg, are detectives who also happen to moonlight (Get it! HA!) as vampires. They are, or were, two 20somethings with only a minimal life outside of videogames, being nerds and just flying below the radar… until they were turned into vampires and decided to be good guys. Now, they may have bitten (Oh my God! Somebody STOP me! HA!) off more than they can swallow!

It appears that someone or something is kidnapping children in Charlotte, NC for a Halloween ritual that will undoubtedly end poorly for everyone inovolved. Jimmy and Greg, along with the best friend come priest, Mike, must figure out how to stop the dead from rising, the world from ending and the police from arresting them before time runs out.

Grammar/Spelling: I noticed a couple of punctuation issues throughout.  Hardly worth mentioning.

Character Development: The story is told from Jimmy’s sarcastic and twisted perspective. He’s quick to point out that his strengths (or weaknesses – depending on if someone finds him funny or not) lay in his humor, quick-thinking and his loyalty to Greg and Mike. Jimmy is also more of the action “man” in their partnership; whereas Greg is more the brains of the operation. They definitely have a symbiotic relationship. As much as they would deny it…  Both of these guys could be friends of mine – hell! I probably DO have friends like this!

Writing Style: From beginning to end, Jimmy’s flowing narrative carries the reader from his unfortunate kidnapping to fighting zombies in the middle of town. I really enjoyed the swipes that he took at the more *ahem* sparkly of his brethren and dispelled a lot of misconceptions that are associated with creatures of the night. Mr. Hartness does a phenomenal job with keeping the story fluid (HA! ANOTHER vampire pun! It’s like I have a SICKNESS!) and contemporary with enough pop culture references to keep it current without overdoing it.

The story contains adult language, violence and situations. So, it’s not for everyone.

Continuity:  No issues with continuity.

Overall Rating: 5

I really enjoyed this book and believe that Hard Day’s Night Vol. 1 will be a wonderfully entertaining series. Mr. John Hartness has written a fang-tastic (Last one…I promise!) vampire novel that isn’t just an ordinary self-loathing, angst-ridden story about a sad vampire who is just trying to fit in. He’s started a vampire detective series that I hope has many volumes!


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